3 Day Juice Cleanses

A juice cleanse is a “stay-cation” for your body – giving your digestive system a vacation from the energy-consuming work of processing heavy foods, additives, alcohol, caffeine and chemicals. By allowing the body to catch up on old work and eliminate the toxic by-products of day-to-day living, you set a new bar for feeling light, clear and energized.

breathe’s popular three-day juice cleanse program gives your body the opportunity to rest and reboot. During your cleanse, we provide fresh, organic juices and/or smoothies, and by offering two different options, you can choose the program that best fits your needs.


Classic Juice Cleanse

3-Days: $150

Each day, you can pick up six made-to-order drinks, allowing you to ease into a juice cleanse by creating your custom combination of juices and fruit smoothies. Organic vegetables and fruits are juiced using our centrifugal juicer and are most potent when consumed soon after being prepared.
*Available at Pittsford, Webster, College Town,  Greece, Victor and Syracuse


Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse

3-Days: $185

The 3-step cold processing method of juicing claims to create the freshest, most nutrient-dense juices due to the slow, non-heat producing process. These juices are pressed and bottled daily in-house. When stored in your refrigerator, these juices will maintain 100% integrity for 3-5 days. This cleanse is perfect for the individual who is ready to do a total juice cleanse (without smoothies); this optoin has the benefit of exceptional product stability for several days and the ease of less frequent juice pickups.
*Available at Pittsford, Webster, College Town, and Greece


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