Kitchen & Bakery



Seasonal selection. Made from scratch. Organic and local ingredients where available. Gluten-Free. Vegan options available.

Quinoa Sides: $4.50
Chickpea Salads: $4.50
Veggie Sides: $4.50
Seasonal Chicken Salad: $7.50

Cage-free chicken* and vegenaise; with seasonal veggies*, dried fruits*, nuts and/or seeds*, and seasonal spices*

Lemon-Tarragon Tuna Salad: $6.00

White albacore tuna, celery*, red onions, vegenaise, dill* and capers*

Vegan Sides: $4.50
Tofu or tempeh on whole grains.
Items vary by location. *Organic.


Crispy Brown Rice Snacks: $4.25

Gluten-free. Puffed brown rice cereal*, peanut butter*, semi-sweet chocolate, sweetened with honey

Power Bites: $3.95

Gluten-free & vegan. Peanut butter*, dark chocolate*, rolled oats, golden flaxseed*, chia seeds*

Seasonal Bites: $3.50

Gluten free. Vegan options available. Seasonal dried fruits*, nuts, seeds*, and/or whole grains.

Herbed Spiced Nuts: $3.95

Gluten-free & vegan. Cashews*, almonds*, walnuts*, peanuts, pure coconut oil, thyme*, cayenne pepper*

Items vary by location. *Organic.


Featuring seasonal produce, a variety of healthy grains and protein options for the vegan or conscious carnivore 
Quinoa Breakfast Bar: $3.95

Gluten-free. Ground quinoa, rolled oats, golden raisins*, walnuts*, sweetened with honey.

Energy Bar: $3.95

Gluten-free. Rolled oats, puffed brown rice cereal*, peanut butter*, dried cranberries*, goji berries*, golden flaxseed*, honey, raw blue agave*.

Buddha Bar: $3.95

Gluten-free & Vegan. Dried apricots*, dates*, toasted almonds, coconut flakes*, dried cherries*.

Items vary by location. *Organic.

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